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58x59x6 cm
22,8x23,2x2,4  inch

Knowing that I like to create natural works with earthy tones and pigments, this is really a rebellious work for me:  
both fluo yellow ànd glitter ànd thick epoxy on top!

The story behind it is that this is often a reflection of society: a nice shiny surface, the outward appearance, but underneath is always the naked truth.  

For me, this work is a nod to Pop Art.   I first heard about this concept from my prof, Dirk Laporte during art history class.  It intrigued me.
Pop Art originated as a reaction to consumer society and is considered one of the earliest examples of "critical" art, which examines and questions society's values.   The fast-paced life, the call for attention through social media etc.   
I see this work in a sober interior, white or concrete wall, but also a black wall where this eye-catcher balances the sobriety of the interior.  Without too many distractions.    It is bold and challenging, but just as strong because of its distinctiveness.  This work takes you out of your comfortzone.

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