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My atelier ... my walhalla.

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My atelier .... my walhalla.

My studio, my sacred place, as a witness to where so many thoughts take place, so many creations come alive, a permanent growth but also killing deadlines, unwanted effects, conflicting emotions, frustrations, evaporating epoxies, being tired by lack of sleep. But it’s all part of what I do, it keeps the balance going. Often driven by the beat of music or the silence of nature..

There are few places more appealing to the imagination than an artist's studio. "Most people never have the chance to pull back the curtain and see what these workspaces actually look like." 

My personal paradise where I experience complete, inner peace, that one energetic atmosphere which I only feel so present there.

Ready to lose myself in creating the next new work which often gives me a euphoric feeling.

At home, I have 2 ateliers, so I wouldn't feel limitated in space.

I just love space! 

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